This is every bad bill we’ve been fighting combined into one. If this bill passes, Murphy can unilaterally mandate vaccines, masks, and a litany of other intrusive items at his whim.

The reason the legislature wanted the executive orders stopped is to get their power back. This bill doesn’t do that. It makes it worse. He will be limited to this realm, but the damage he can do here in medical freedom territory is irreversible. We need your help. Contact your legislators and tell them to vote no to A5777 TOMORROW and the eventual accompanying senate bill. Let’s clue our senators in before this is sprung on them, like it was to the assembly.

Governor Murphy’s May 15th warning that Speaker Coughlin & Senate President Sweeney would introduce legislation (LAW) to give him the “tools to manage the pandemic and continue” was introduced yesterday & will be voted on in full Assembly tomorrow: NJ BILL A5777

This bill that perpetuates Murphy’s dictatorship allows: workplaces to ban people not wearing masks, sustains their indoor masking and 6 ft distance policy, retains power to implement (force?) all CDC guidelines, A5777 “ENDS NJ’s Public Health Emergency” but lets Murphy KEEP these powers (via 15 Executive Orders) till Jan. 1, 2022:

1. Eviction moratorium (From Executive Order 106)
2. Mandate daily healthcare facility data reports (EO 111)
3. Reactivate retired healthcare workers (EO 112)
4. Moratorium on insurance companies cancelling policies for nonpayment (EO 123)
5. Extensions for admin decisions and rule proposals (EO 127) 6. Outdoor dining w social distancing (EO 150)
7, 8, 9. Delaying deadlines for state agencies (EO 159, 170, 178)

10. Workplace covid safety protocols, which MAY include temp checks, barriers and allowing workplaces to ban people not wearing facemasks (EO 192)

11. Automatically enrolling residents who get vaccinated into state’s vaccine registry (EO 207) Medical tracking/automatically opting recipients of vaccine onto NJ Immunization Information System

12. Moratorium on gas, electric and water shutoffs (EO 229)
13. Protecting stimulus payments from creditors/debt collectors (EO 233)

14. Covid protocols for summer youth overnight and day camps (EO 237)

15. Governor “most recent” (EO 241) on masking and social distancing. Governor can ONLY make that order LESS restrictive, UNLESS we hit an RT of 1.0 or higher, increased hospitalizations and/or increased spot positivity.

Can we trust their metrics?

Under the bill, Murphy will also retain powers regarding “vaccination distribution, administration, and management,” testing, data collection, and implementing CDC guidelines (even new ones that are proposed).


1. Find our your legislative district here:

2. Email your 3 Legislators: 2 assembly people & a Senator

Tell them you OPPOSE Bill A-5777 and ask them to VOTE NO tomorrow at the assembly voting session.…/status/1394751135467069443…

Bill language:…/05/N09_0001.pdf…